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Please be aware of menu allergens below

Name MilkEggsSoybeansGlutenNutsPeanutsSulphur DioxideLupinCeleryMustardSesame SeedsFishMolluscsCrustaceans
Oreo Waffle(May Contain)(May Contain)
Pistachio Dream
The OG Waffle
Marshmallow & Choc(May Contain)(May Contain)
Kinder My Belly
Nut House Waffle
White House(May Contain)(May Contain)
StrawBelly Waffle(May Contain)
Nutella Waffle(May Contain)
M&M Fudge Brownie Waffle(May Contain)(May Contain)
Belly Blizzard Cookie Dough
StrawBelly & Cream Cookie Dough
It Takes Two to Tango Cookie Dough
Double Chocolate Cookie Dough
Bisco Disco Cookie Dough
Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough
Ferrero Rocher Shake
Soft Serve(May Contain)(may contain)
Screwball(May Contain)(may contain)
Soft Serve - LARGE(May Contain)(may contain)